First Impressions Matter

Welcome To Storybook Metal Shop

We offer high-quality custom metal working and design. Impress your guests with our gorgeous hand-crafted metal rails, gates, furniture, fixtures, and much much more.

Our architectural blacksmith shop uses both traditional and modern methods to create the finest in metal work. Each piece of work is unique, a reflection of the client it was designed for.

All of the products shown here were produced by our skilled team of blacksmith artisans, at Storybook Metal Shop in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.Thank you for stopping by!

Craftmanship At Its Finest

Since 1980 we have been designing and crafting metal into works of art.

Over the years we have produced many stunning driveway gates, both large and small. Our artisan blacksmiths are capable of producing a range of different styles to best suit your home or business premises.

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The quality and attention to detail of our rails set us apart from the competition! We have the capability to design, fabricate and install both internal and external handrails in various sizes and materials.

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In addition to producing kitchen pieces, we have also produced sturdy tables that are both artistic and practical.

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Apart from rails, garden gates and driveway gates, our artisan blacksmiths are also capable of producing a range of other exterior and interior features for your home or business.

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If you can dream it, we can make it!

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